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FaCTION Invite Summer2014

Gallery 2
James Olley, Faculty Organizer

In our contemporary world, the distinction between fiction and reality is blurred, becoming non-existent. Our daily experience is layered by our personal perception, and by the multitudes of different media that we are constantly flooded with. Our normal existence becomes a hyper-real one. The works in F(a)CTION use paint as a mediator between the “objective” truth, and the truth of experience; questioning the boundaries of realism.


Artist Talk: Nancy Lowry, Artist in Resident

I am please to announce that Nancy Lowry, NSCAD U Artist in Resident will be offering an artist talk Tuesday August 12th, 12 – 1 pm in room G219. In addition Nancy will be providing studio visits on the same day for our class, please make a note of this date!

Artist Talk: Nancy Lowry, Artist in Resident
When: Tuesday August 12th, 12 – 1 pm
Where: Room G219

“duo”, Oil on Masonite panel , 24” x 24”

Nancy Lowry studied at University of Saskatchewan, completing her BFA at the NSCAD U in 2003. Lowry’s unique “paintscapes” are intimately connected to landscape but demonstrate a strong affinity with abstraction and non-objective painting as well. They employ heavily-tooled paint surfaces, strong gestural marks and a bold use of colour.