Below You will Find a list of course readings.  Please follow the appropriate links to view the readings.  If you have trouble viewing the PDF documents try downloading and installing an up to date version PDF viewer  –  Adobe Reader

Project 1: Digital Representations

Topic Readings:

Heartney, Eleanor. “Art & Representation the Fiction of Realism.” Art & Today. New York: Phaidon, 2008. 96-97. Print.

Art & Representation the Fiction of Realism.PDF

Baudrillard, Jean. “The Hyper-realism of Simulation” 1929. New Edition Art in Theory 2000 An Anthology of Changing Ideas. Ed. Charles Harrison and Paul Wood.
N.p.: Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2003. 1018 – 1020. Print.

The Hyper-realism of Simulation.PDF

Project 2: Sensation

Topic Readings:

Bell, Julian. “Photography and Realism.” What Is Painting Representation and Modern Art. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1999. 57-74. Print.

Photography and Realism.PDF

Deleuze, G. (2003). Note on Figuration in Past Painting. In G. Deleuze (Author), Francis     Bacon: The logic of sensation (pp. 8-11). New York, NY: Continuum.

Note on Figuration in Past Painting.PDF

Deleuze, G. (2003). Painting and Sensation. In G. Deleuze (Author), Francis Bacon: The logic of  sensation (pp. 34-43). New York, NY: Continuum.

Painting and Sensation.PDF

Project 3: Altering Image & Meaning

Topic Readings:

Rugoff, Ralph. “Painting Modern Life.”  The Painting of Modern Life: 1960s to Now. Curator Ralph Rugoff. London: Hayward Publishing, 2007. 10-17. Print.

Painting Modern Life.PDF

Barry Schwabsky, “Sheer Sensation: Photographically-based Painting and Modernisim.”  The Painting of Modern Life: 1960s to Now. Curator Ralph Rugoff. London: Hayward Publishing, 2007. 26-   31. Print.

Sheer Sensation.PDF

Project 4: Memory Tool

Topic Readings:

Mullins, Charlotte. ‘The Past Deconstructed’Painting People figure painting today, Thames & Hudson Ltd, London, 2006. 147-175

Past Deconstructed.PDF

Guston, Philip. “Philip Guston Talking.” 1978. Theories and Documents of Contemporary  Art A Sourcebook of Artists’ Writings. Ed. Kristine Stiles and Peter Selz. California: University of California    Press, 1996. 249-253. Print.

Philip Guston Talking.PDF



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