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The Fiction of Realism: Painting, Representation & Imitation

This course will explore the intersect between analog and digital practices, language and paintings response to technology and the growth of mediated digital culture. Through studio assignments, lectures, critiques, and discursive practices, students will be challenged to critically investigate a deeper understanding of contemporary art and its impact upon the 21st Century, thereby informing and shaping our cultural identity and the creation of visual language and meaning.

Course Description:

Paintings evolution of representation and imitation upon the 21st century has had a richly coded history that has directed and impacted artistic language and practice, shaping and informing our cultural identity.  Developing technologies has had a lasting impact upon painting.  Since the invention of photography in 1839 painting has had a deep, and at times, opposing connection to technology & media; leading to questions of authenticity, autonomy and its own relevance.  This Studio topic will examine these connections and paintings response to technology and mediated culture. Through a series of studio assignments augmented with lectures and discussions, students will broaden their approaches to studio practice in tandem with their knowledge of some exemplary developments in the evolution contemporary painting.

In this course studies will be used for exploration, and experimentation with each project assignment.  Studies will be used as part of the evaluation process, and used to inform and demonstrate students’ exploration of systems of representation and abstraction, procedural and conceptual strategies leading into their final paintings.

Readings and group discussions will accompany each topic unit. Individual and group critique discussions will be a regular feature of this course, that being said active participation is significant for individual growth as well as developing a productive and engaging studio environment, benefiting all.