P1 Digital Representations

Project #1 – Digital Representations

Students will produce a painting that responds and incorporates forms of digital technology.  The work must be translated into the medium of paint, while responding to contemporary media and technology.  Students may include mixed media and collage, but the final work must stay in the realm of painting. Students will use a combination of digital and analog processes to construct their images, using methods of translations or “filters” resulting in a series of studies that transforms the original image. Students will transform their image using an initial digital or collage process, they will continue to alter the image by retranslating it through a series of filters. Students will respond in a final larger painting, sending their image through one final translation, interpreting their image through a form of projection, gridding systems, or freehand response.


  • Introduction of Photoshop digital software
  • Construct a digital image – import, scan images and objects, image manipulation
  • Image will be then reworked through an analog process using paint and mixed media, collage
  • The image should go through multiple filter stages (4-8)
    • Working and reworking their image
  • Develop Compositional studies (3), approximately 8” x 11”
  • Develop a final Painting on stretched canvas or braced panel Absolutely NO canvas board (size open, minimum 36” x 48”)

Click top Download: Intro to Photoshop.PDF

Past Examples:


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