Since 2007 Assistant Professor James Olley has taught a broad range of visual art courses at all academic levels in painting, drawing, colour theory and studio / seminar at multiple academic institutions, including the University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, NSCAD U and OCAD U. Olley has experience working with a broad range of contemporary and historical materials and methods in drawing and painting; including digital.

Olley’s work has been exhibited locally and internationally; Angell Gallery (Toronto), Galerie Trois Points (Montreal), PR Gallery (Edmonton), KKAP (Chicago), Incident Report (New York) and Dundee Contemporary Arts (Scotland). Olley’s work belongs to private collections such as Colart Collection (Montreal) and Cenovus Energy (Edmonton). Olley’s work has been profiled at contemporary art fairs, Pulse NY, Miami, Papier and Next Chicago.

Much of Olley’s work shares a common interest in the fluidity and potential for motion in paint, oscillating between abstraction and figuration, as the spaces are intended to represent a state of flux. Through combining geometric and architectural forms with expressive marks and nostalgic bright colours, reminiscent of the 1980s, Olley’s paintings explore the overlap between memory and lived space.  The works function as a window, exposing a detachment from reality into a hyper reality.

Please visit: www.olleyart.com

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