P4 Memory Tool

Project #4 – Memory Tool

“The social, historical and spatial dimensions of our lives are inseparable and interdependent” – Edward Soja: Third Space

Three interconnected perspectives of space and how we process memories. The first space is Perceived Memory which is measurable and mappable. It has configurations and qualities, and emphasizes real experience. The second is Conceived Memory, it is a visualized or imagined memory.  This is comparable to how we experience an imagined reality that affects our experiences and behaviour. It is more subjective and it emphasizes our thoughts about experiences. The third is a Lived Memory which is a real and imagined place which can result in an individual and collective experience.

The Lived Memory is where many of us reside, between the overlap and blending of experiences, imagined and real memories. Using this concept of imagined and real memories, students will produce a painting that builds upon this concept. Students will explore altered and invented memory, constructed from multiple image sources. Students will develop (3) studies that combine blended images from memory and our visible reality, resulting in a final painting that overlaps experiences. Artist examples: Marlene Dumas, Cecily Brown, Peter Doig, Susanna Heller, Medrie Macphee, Pia Fries

Artist Statement:

All students will submit a short (1-3 page), typed artist statement as part of their final critique.  The statement will address work(s) presented, conceptual and procedural significance and context related to topics discussed during the term.  Artist Statement and class participation will count as 15% of your final mark.


  • Develop studies (4), approximately
    • Explore expressive marks, and colour to convey an experience and memory
    • Combine abstract passages (pattern, hardedge, expression, line and form) with rendered representational elements
    • Combine paint, collage, mixed media to construct your Lived Memory
  • Studies should overlap and blur experiences, invented and real
  • Develop final painting on stretched canvas or braced panel Absolutely NO canvas board (minimum 36” x 48” )
  • Select a study, or elements from multiple studies
  • Produce your perception of Lived Memory

Artist Examples:


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