P2 Sensation

Project #2 – Sensation

Students will use the discussion topics of ‘Sensation’ and ‘Realism’ to inspire a series of paintings that explores a successful relationship or conversation between multiple parts. The outcome of the final works is to describe an event, dialog or narrative, one that looks nothing like its source and reveals and incorporates a ‘sensation’ connected to the content and subject. Example: Francis Bacon’s source images are used as points of reference and act as a point of departure revealing Bacon’s raw, physical / psychological painting (element of theatrics or cinematography involved when viewing his work). Another example by Francis Bacon, the Screaming Pope, the terror lies not in the Pope screaming but in what the Pope is screaming at. Gustave Courbet’s Stonebreakers explores the connection to our senses, touching as a real event, which creates empathy for the viewer. Both artists employ methods of sensation by exploiting our fears or using empathy that draw on physical responses.


  • Locate a variety of source images; drawings / painting sketches, collages, non-traditional photos (not from a traditional source, ie. not posed pop culture images eg. Muybridge’s motion images).
  • Develop compositional studies (4)
  • Alter source images to remove them from their original context, studies can be exchanged, dismantled and reassembled
  • Distort and abstract image using some sort of interference that disrupts, evokes and heightens the sensation of the image
  • Develop paintings on stretched canvas or braced panels Absolutely NO canvas board
  • Creating a successful relationship, dialog or conversation between the multiple parts
  • Consider connectivity, configuration, content / negative space
  • Describe an event, dialog or narrative
    • A sequential event, either linear or fragmented in a multi format

Student Examples:

Artist Examples:


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