Project #3 Altering Image & Meaning

I have added some terrific videos of artist Julie Mehretu to help you start thinking about your Project #3… have a look!

Julie Mehretu: Workday | Art21 “Exclusive”

Filmed in her Berlin studio, Julie Mehretu discusses the ups and downs of her daily studio practice. Mehretu is shown working on the painting “Middle Grey” (2007-2009), one work in a suite of seven paintings commissioned by the Deutsche Guggenheim as part of the exhibition “Julie Mehretu: Grey Area.”

Julie Mehretu: Mural | Art21 “Exclusive”


Tate Shots Issue 13 – Fiona Rae

Fiona Rae is one of the generation known as the YBAs, or Young British Artists. Yet while her peers explored installation and video, she stayed faithful to painting. Rachel Spence asks her about her new works showing at the Timothy Taylor Gallery at Frieze.

Lastly, In addition to your readings please review the Project #3 content as I  have added extra examples to help you with generating ideas for the project.  Next class I will meet with each of you to discuss your studies and ideas for the project – Have a productive weekend!

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